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The Great Pumpkin Jam

The Great Pumpkin Jam BMX Contest October 24, 2009

-$(TBD) Amateur

-$(TBD) Pro Class

-Best Trick Free (Cash to winner)

-Contest starts at 11 am.

-15 minute warm up prior to each event.

-30 minute warm up for Advanced and Pros


-Escondido Skate Park, 3315 Bear Valley Parkway Escondido, CA 92025


-Novice age groups: 12 and under, 13-14, 15-16, 17 and over & Old Guy

-Girls Class? (I spoke to a couple of girl bmxers last night. I told them if they can get all there girl riders to come, I will have a class for them!)

-Advanced Open Class: (Advanced & Sponsored riders of all ages)

-Pro Class

If you are under 18 you must have waiver signed by a parent to compete.

To download waiver:

Contest Format:

-Event will start at 11 am with the youngest age groups first.

-12 and under will have one - five-minute jam in groups of five

-13 through pro class will have one - fifty-second solo run and a five-minute jam in groups of five. Both scores count towards final results

-Best Trick Contest: 20 Minute Jam

Current sponsors for this event:

Hidden Valley Bikes (Escondido, CA) Omega Bike Shop (Oceanside, CA)


Great turn out for the Escondido Summer Slam! I want to thank everyone for showing up and making this a great event. 57 riders showed up giving it their best and putting on a great show for the huge crown of spectators.

I want to give a special thanks to Brian Itzaina with Hidden Valley Bikes/ and Chris Gilbert with Omega Bike Shop for helping gather up some great sponsors and getting tons of donated prizes to give away and for our winners. Also, I want to thank Rob Morgan with Alienation BMX for helping with the judging and donating tons of great product. Jeff Gibson also did a great job helping with the judging and shows up at the park on a weekly basis helping the young kids learn new tricks. The judges did a great job with their consistency and I didn’t hear any complaints on the results. The legendary Mike Parenti was our announcer and had the crown fired up the entire time. We had to be finished up by 10pm because of a local noise ordinance. I didn’t know if we could pull it off but miraculously we wrapped everything up exactly at 10pm.

Most of the donations for this event came from Hidden Valley Bikes, Omega Bike Shop, Alienation BMX and Vans. They were a huge part of this great event.

We also had great product donated from Fit, Premium, Haro,, Primo, Lotek, S & M, Evangeline, Mirra Co, Animal, Federal, Colony and SDSF.

Lastly, thanks to Escondido Skate Park for providing a great place to ride and hosting this event.

Here are the results!

13 and Under

1. Cody Norvell

2. Daniel Luna

3. Skyler Ray

4. Cameron Toye

5. Jack McKenna

6. Reid Lima

7. Kyle Wicka

8. Elijah Wedeking

9. Logan Crawford

10. Bailey Mclaughlin

11. Scott Boyle

12. DJ Minnion

13. Daniel Corona

14. Hank Minnion


1. Steven Mack

2. Fred Fortaliza

3. Mariano Cortez

4. Jachab Bingham

5. Austin Faure

6. Kyle Ormiston

7. Brendan Abbott

8. Scott Grande

9. Drew Earle

10. Landon Brown

11. Steven Saldivar

12. Josh Itzaina

13. Cole Hamilton

14. Chris Cordova

15. Vinnie Warner

16. Nicholas Haurilla

17. Jeremy Shorty

18. Erich Pray

19. James Cheatwood

20. Colin Andrews

17 and Over

1. Brad Ramirez

2. Jake Yeager

3. Grant Smith

4. Tanner Nichole

5. Adam Blanco

6. Chris Wallis

7. Nick Yzaguirre

8. Joe Rota

9. Josh Thomas

Advanced Open

1. Chad Kerley

2. William Anderson

3. Caleb Norman

4. Jourdan Barga

5. Daniel Sandoval

6. Lahshann Kobza

7. Justin Spriet

8. Chris Gilbert

9. Bryon Gallego

10. Sergio Munoz

11. Steven Caton

12. Jared Eberwein

13. John Hernandez

14. James Visser

Best Trick

Lahshann Kobza

Huge 180 over 8’ fence out of the park! Landed fakie to flat with a perfect 180 out! Insane! The crowd went wild! It was a no brainer for the judges.

Pictures of the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA

We just received these pix from tye Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. This is the start of what will be the track the AM's will race on in conjunction with the UCI SX event we will be hosting later in September of this year. Things sure look to be be shaping up nicely!

BMX Contest - SUMMER SLAM...

Esco Skate Park Presents SUMMER SLAM ~ BMX CONTENT. August 15th, 2009! Warm Ups Start @ 5 PM. Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance Divisions are all welcom.

3315 Bear Valley Parkway, Escondido, California

For Information, Contact Tim Hodgson at (760) 839-0527 for updates and questions!

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This is the Evolution of the Elementary stem by Odyssey that uses 1 bolt to actuate 4 wedge pieces clamping the steerer tube and the bars simultaneously. It's SIC. Tongue and groove wedges ease assembly and increase rigidity while helicoiled threads in the side wedge reduce the chances of stripping. 1-1/8" This unique design is not only one of the most functional designs I have seen, but also sexy. I love this goose neck. Testing it myself at the Clairemont BMX Park, it has been proven!

Reach: 50mm
Bolt: 10x1.25mm
Weight: 8.2 oz

Around $65 clams...