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July 2009 Featured San Diego BMX Rider is Austin Monfort:

Driving in Ramona, CA on Main Street yesterday; I noticed the back of a 20" rim & cloud of dirt out of the corner of my eye.......

Pulling over quickly to check out the scene; I notice Austin Monfort (got the dudes last name from his beautiful birth mother, Carrie Umphres) launching off some 'home made' dirt jumps. Seeing the shovel next to the hill..........well, that's what BMX in the USA is all about. Working hard to make it happen by yourself!

Anyway, Austin Monfort (my new found BMX buddy from Ramona, CA) came out on his Black Eye Killarado 2010 model, like a bat from hell, outta nowhere and started seriously bookin' down his trail towards his dirt jump.......then booooo-yeah! Major air and when I say "major", I mean seriously San Diego BMXers; this guy hit's it hard and he's only 13!

Right after he showed his BMX talent, his father's girlfriend (I actually thought this very HOT woman from Ramona was Austin's sister) showed up to introduce herself.

FYI: I almost asked her out...ha,ha, ha.......until she said, "you have to meet Austin's father." Whoops....I just realized that I almost got my butt kicked. LMOA. LOL :)

Meeting Austin's father; I immediately noticed that the dude was a super cool bro & where he gets his competitive streak from. His dad is not only laid back but with all his "Cool Toys" (Dropped Black SUV on 22" & a Race Truck and other cool toys...), he's gotta be "racer" @ heart and a blast to hang out with also. I bet the guy has some stories to tell............plus, I also heard somewhere that his father still rides BMX bikes in Ramona. Yeah!!!!!

Nice family you have & thanks for your times, Austin!
Hope to see you riding BMX for the rest of your life!!!!

P.S. Do you see the shovel next to the dirt jump?!!! This picture is my all time favorite. It's so "USA/San Diego BMX"!

P.S.S. Carri: you made my day with your kind words below! And I'll bet my entire company that you're super HOT too! Personal warm regards, CJ

June 2009 Featured San Diego BMX Rider is Eric Lopez:

San Diego BMX riders; What do you think about this guy, Eric Lopez. He's a local boy and rips. Anyway, check out his video link at Youtube.com/BMXsandiego.com below.
Thanks, Eric!

May 2009 Featured San Diego BMX Rider is Derik Silver:

This is Derik Silver. Also know to his piers/bitches/buddies/homies as "Jumper". I dig the name a lot! He's live in El Cajon and friggin' rips. He catch's the sickest and biggest air when he launches off a lump of dirt. And do NOT let me down play his talent which is going to get Jumper noticed and that's racing. Racing less thank 2 months, the guy has 22 f-in' trophys and sitting in 21st place out of 56 people in his racing league.

By the way ladies; if you think you're gonna have a change with this guy, unfortunately you're not. He's in a committed relationship with his awesome girlfriend that supports him 110%. Here at SDBMX.com, we like guys like that. Luck guy!

Check out his video's on line at:
PinkBike.com or his Jumpers personal channel.

If anyone want to see him race; he's races at Kearny Mesa and at Cactus on Mondays and Thursday. Check this dude out before he becomes famous.

The bros sic. We are considering Derik Silver aka Jumper who lives in El Cajon for our San Diego BMX team. What do you all think?

Click on the comment button below to share your thoughts and check out his vids!


  1. Pam Anderson Said,

    I really like see all our local San Diego BMX community feature here.

    SDBMX.com is the S.H.I.T.!!!!!!

    Posted on July 10, 2009 at 9:39 AM

  2. Elizabeth Hurley Said,

    Eric Lopezs vid is cooooool!

    Posted on July 11, 2009 at 12:35 AM


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