I wanted to let our entire SDBMX community know where I've ridden my BMX bike in San Diego!

I ridden my BMX bike in La Jolla, San Diego, CA by UTC and by the La Jolla Shores where I like to take time out to surf when I'm not BMX riding in San Diego County.

I also like doing a sic BMX move called; table tops in Mira Mesa where I ride my BMX bike. Most of the time, I don't land the move..............getting too old!

Going to San Diego's Point Loma area for BMX riding is great. A lot of hills for speed and a lot of old school architecture that I love to rip on!

BMX riding in the Mira Mar area is always great! Alot of flatland. I think Sector 9 Skateboards are out in Mira Mar somewhere. Sector 9 in San Diego should make BMX parts. Pads or something! I really dig their brand and feel it would transistion to bmx easily.

Tierra Santa BMX is pretty good but it's a small community for BMX stunts in San Diego. Escondido BMX on the other hand is great. Escondido BMX riders are probably one of the best groups of BMX riders in San Diego county. Wud up to my Esco BMX buddies!!!!

El Cajon for BMX is alright. Super hot but a huge following. They need to bring their El Cajon Arses to San Diego sometimes for their BMX stunts!

North Park BMX is pretty cool. The North Park Crew for BMX riding in San Diego is really Rad.

San Diego downtown for BMX riding/stunts is always a great choice. Hit the Horton Plaza area!!!!

Hillcrest BMX.......is pretty cool. I hope Hillcrest creates some more great BMX riders for San Diego.......but it will probably never happen.... Just joking, Hillcrest is great.

San Diego BMX thoughts from CJ


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