Silver Dollar BMX - Track Specifications

Location: Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Chico CA
Date Built: During the month of June 2001
Date Completed: First race: July 1st, 2001
Overall Track Length: 1,100 feet
Type of Dirt: 2 dimensional agricultural loam
Track Designer: Robert Kennedy and Friends (too many to name)
Track Layout: Outside loop / Inside loop
Track Obstacles:
From the starting gate first straight has a small roller that leads into a good sized step-up double that has a long graded fast landing. Following the step-up double there is a nice straight that leads into the 29 foot triple, easily jumped by older, experienced riders, but difficult for most to clear the lip and middle roller cleanly. Immediately following the triple is the first turn, a wide, sweeping right turn which leads into the second straight. The second straight consists of 4 doubles (8 pak) grouped into two, with a little curve to the right in between the two sets of doubles. Watch out!! any hint of wind can make clearing the 8 pak tricky. The last double falls into the second turn, a tight, high banked right turn which leads into the third straight, which is also the rhythm section. The entire third straight (rhythm section) consists of small rollers and larger evenly spaced obstacles. The rhythm section has a slight curve to the left about midway, which adds some complexity to maintaining control over the bumps while easing to the left. The last roller of the rhythm section leads into turn three, a tight high banked left turn that has plenty of room for last minute passing. The third turn gradually releases the rider into the last straight, a fast set of step-up sep-down and two decent sized tables before the finish line...where you'll have to deal with our head finish line scorer, Jo.
Average Temperature: (annualized) High: 75.08 Low: 50.25
Typical Race Season: Year Round with a few cancellations.

Track building pictures CLICK HERE

Finished Track pictures CLICK HERE


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