Deerfield BMX TRACK in San Diego!!! Awesome stuff here...

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C. Rasmussen 11 20 03
100 yards down the service road from the Jackson Drive parking area is the trailhead sign leading to the BMX site.
The trail is also part of MTRP 5K Run/Fitness trail. Stop by the Visitors Center for a free map!

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Continuing back easterly on the BMX Loop trail leading down past the Deerfield Pump Station.
This photo shows where the October 26, 2003 Cedar fire was contained by firefighters protecting the pump station.

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A great view of the park`s five summits presentn themselves as you hike up the old road. Pictured from right to left are: Cowles Mtn. and Pyles Peak. Further left are: Kwaay Paay Mtn., South Fortuna Mtn. and North Fortuna Mtn.

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Whenever and whatever time you hike the BMX Loop, the Park's summits invite a different spectrum. This on a September evening.

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The BMX berms. If you`re lucky and catch the riders in competion (or practice), you`ll see jumps above the berms - "air" as they call it - sometimes of 5 feet, or more!

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The shaded "picnic area" for friends and family overlooks the competition area.

Deerfield BMX Loop (Loop 2 of 5K Run/Walk Fitness Trail)
0.5 mile loop
2 Leisurely-Moderate

The site Deerfield BMX area is easily accessed by a 1.5 mile trail leaving from the Visitor Center parking lot with a right turn (south) off the concrete driveway onto the Visitor Center Loop trail. Hike .3 miles around and behind the parking lot at the intersection of Jackson Drive and Mission Gorge Road (or drive to the parking lot and begin there). Proceed north on the service road approximately 100 yards, looking on the left for the "Deerfield BMX Site" trail and "5K"signs. Turn back down this single track trail and follow its small creek (very active during rainy periods) for about .2 of a mile before crossing the creek bridge followed by a short climb up to an old asphalt road. Follow it straight ahead .25 miles on the road/trail. As you near the top of the climb, see the rock quarry as the trail turns to the east. While continuing up this segment, look ahead and view all of MTRP’s peaks- one of only a few places in the park where you can view all five at once! They are (from your right to left): Cowles Mountain - elevation 1591 feet, Pyle’s Peak - elevation 1379 feet, Kwaay Paay Mountain - elevation 1194 feet, South Fortuna Mountain - elevation 1094 feet, and North Fortuna Mountain - elevation 1296 feet -- all with trails to there summits.

Continue on up to an informational kiosk - the trails highest point - which overlooks the BMX site and shaded viewing/picnic area. From here, you can walk down through the competition area, however if the "BMXers" are practicing or competing, stay out of the site and watch from the shaded picnic tables and viewing area.

Leaving the site, continue down the old ashfault trail to its union with the trail up from the creek crossing.

The bonus to all park users is the scenic hike culminating in a .5 mile trail that loops around the Deerfield BMX site with great views of the quarry to the west and MTRP`s mountains to the east.

The Deerfield BMX Loop is part of the 5K (3.1 mile) Run/ Walk course connecting with the Visitor Center and Oak Grove Loops. Stop by the MTRP Visitor Center for a free "5K Trail" map with detailed description including GPS waypoint data.

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